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What is your Conversion Growth %?

Your church conversion growth percentage is determined by taking the number of new converts in your ministry in a given year and dividing it by the number of regularly attending believers in that same given year.


Cg = Conversion growth %

Years to double ministry size: ____ *

The formula is Cg% = C/B.
The goal is to find conversion growth (“Cg”).

B = How many regularly attending believers do you have? This is the average
attendance over the last year.

C = How many people became Christians through our ministry and were
assimilated into our ministry this last year (usually measured by baptism)?

Your church will grow with this Cg (Conversion growth %) . With a 10% or greater Cg, your church will grow and multiply and building a disciple-making movement.

Your Cg (Conversion growth %) goal should be greater than 10 percent to see continued church growth and a solid disciple-making movement.

* This doubling calculation shows an estimated growth based on your Conversion growth percentage. For this doubling to be accurate, a consistent Cg would need to be maintained or exceeded for the duration of the doubling estimate.

We measure what we value.

Many churches choose to measure the big four: bodies, bucks, baptisms, and buildings.
Easy to measure, these big four are often surface-level measurements. Unfortunately, attendance numbers can be increasing, the budget growing, baptisms taking place, and new buildings added without genuine growth happening or the true development of reproducing disciple makers. We must measure the right values.

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