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Like Jesus is disciple-making (discipleship) training designed to help your church/ministry/small group build a culture of disciple-making… building a movement of multiplying disciples, just like Jesus did.

By Author and Disciple-Maker,
Dr. Dann Spader
Founder of Sonlife Ministries and Concentric Global Disciplemaking (GYI)

Individuals, Small Groups, Churches

Big or small, church, ministry or small group. Like Jesus can be implemented to equip believers to make disciples using the same Mission, Model and Methods of Jesus from scripture.

Digital & Print

Every book is available in the app as an e-book or in print. Messaging modules, videos, assessments and metrics. With Digital Access you get 50% off all printed resources.

Flexible Modules

1 Leadership module, 3 flexible modules for your congregation. Start with any module. Each module has 8-10 weeks of content, preach in 4 or more weeks.

Real-Time Metrics

With real-time metrics and assessments, you can see dashboards and get a gauge on where your people are at with the four challenges Jesus gave.

An app that has everything.

With Digital Access powering the Like Jesus App, each user will have access to the full e-books, videos, group messenger, real-time assessments, dashboards, and more.
The app is free for your people.
This app can be integrated into your current church app.

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This is all about the real Jesus.
His life, His ministry, His model.

Author Dr. Dann Spader has spent his life studying the life of Christ and has modeled his ministries around Jesus. Dr. Spader has seen disciple-making movements built in over 80 countries all based on Christ's life & ministry from scripture.

Video: Movement Film

A disciple-making platform.
From leader tools to metrics.

Like Jesus was designed to equip you with content from the life of Christ, digital tools, videos, and metrics to succeed in building a culture of disciple-making. A full Digital Access platform to put e-books, assessments, videos, and communication tools in everyone's hands.

Digital Access (30-Days Free) Free E-Book & Webinar

How did Like Jesus come about?
A movement was built from Christ's life.

Like Jesus began when Dr. Dann Spader and his team began to study the life and methods of Christ. How did Jesus build His mininstry? How did He build a movement of multiplication. Watch the film to see how this resource and philosophy has successfully spread around the globe.

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1 John 2:6

"Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did."

Jesus modeled for us in scripture life and ministry! He showed us the MISSION, He was the MODEL, and He gave us the METHODS on how to make disciples in John 17. Jesus lived fully God and fully man. He masked his deity to live full humanity.

A majority of churches in America are struggling to make disciples and multiply. We are now in a day where we can no longer rely on just programs or preaching to make disciples that reproduce. Like Jesus helps you get back to scripture by studying Jesus' life and ministry and how He made disciples. He laid out a pattern and modeled disciple-making for us to follow. We can emulate His life and build movements of multiplication. That's what this resource is all about.

Welcome Guide (PDF) Welcome Guide (PDF) Video: The Real Jesus

Flexible Modules


A module for your leaders and three modules for your people, done in any order.

Welcome Guide (PDF) Welcome Guide (PDF) Modules & Itinerary (PDF)

9 CHAPTERS/SESSIONS + Ministry Assessment

This module is to equip you and your leadership team on Jesus' mission, model and methods. Learn about the 4 Challenges (4-Chairs) of Jesus' ministry. Videos with author Dr. Dann Spader, Doug Holliday (Sonlife), Glenn Underhill (Pastor). Learn how to build a culture of disciple-making.

Watch Leader Video 1 Leader Book Preview (PDF)

8 CHAPTERS/SESSIONS + App Assessment Tool
4 to 6 SERMONS

Jesus gave 4 challenges in making disciples: (1) Come & See, (2) Follow Me, (3) Fish for People, and (4) Bear Much Fruit. We call these four challenges, the 4 Chairs. What chair are your people in? How do they move to a new chair? Use the app's 4-Chair Assessment tool to find out.

Watch 4-Chair Video 1 APP: 4-Chair Assessment (Video) 4-Chair Book Preview (PDF)

10 CHAPTERS/SESSIONS + Films shot in Israel
4 to 6 SERMONS

Jesus showed us how to live. This interactive workbook looks at the life of Christ with supplemental films shot in Israel where Jesus walked! This book explores Christ's life and how we can emulate the model he lived. To make disciples like Jesus, we need to know Jesus.

Watch Walk Like Jesus Video 1 Walk Like Jesus Book Preview (PDF)

10 CHAPTERS/SESSIONS + Films shot in Israel
4 to 6 SERMONS

What are the practical methods we must use to make disciples? How do we live on mission like Jesus did? The Live Like Jesus interactive workbook looks through John 17 and Jesus' seven "I statements" on how He loved those around him and made disciples.

Watch Live Like Jesus Video 1 Live Like Jesus Book Preview (PDF)

A free app for your people that you manage and monitor the real-time metrics for your ministry.
Everything they need to engage. Everything you need to measure and encourage.

App Features

Get the App

The Start screen of the app shows the latest messages from My Groups, any notifications from the church, and where you left off on books or videos.

  • Latest feed from your groups
  • Church notifications
  • Circles overview
  • 4-Chair Assessment quickview

In My Groups, you can create or join a group. This is for your small group, prayer group, women's group.

  • Post updates when you share the gospel or pray with someone
  • Comment or Pray for updates or requests
  • Share a story about a conversation or salvation
  • Stay connected and encouraged

Circles is where you add names of unsaved, names of people you are discipling, and those pouring into you.

  • Circle 1: Names of unbelievers you're praying for
  • Circle 2: Names of those you are discipling
  • Circle 3: Names of those pouring into you for accountability
  • Get prayer reminders for these names
  • Share names and see other's names to join them in prayer

With Digital Access, the full e-books (from Moody Publishers) are in the app. Read on your phone or in the printed book.

  • 3 full E-books
  • Downloadable discussion guides for small groups
  • App will remember where you left off
  • Videos for each chapter from author Dr. Dann Spader

Every chapter has a video from author Dr. Dann Spader and other contributors. Many videos were filmed in Israel.

  • Videos for each chapter for each book
  • Watch on your own or in your small group
  • Many filmed in Israel
  • Videos for leaders also included

See real-time metrics in your Dashboard. View your own stats, your group's, or your whole church or ministry!

  • See Circle Stats (unbelievers/believers/accountability)
  • See how many prayers and engagements
  • See how many circle connections you have
  • See 4-Chair assessment data (You/Group/Church)

The app works in any web browser as well as an Android or iOS app. It can also work inside your existing church app!

Signup for Digital Access.

Get all the e-books, videos, metrics...

Manage the app and get real-time metrics. Resources and tools to help build a culture of disciple-making.

The Digital Access management portal provides stats, settings, resources, and much more. Manage the Like Jesus App for your entire ministry. Pricing as low as 10¢ /user /month.

  • Full E-books and Videos filmed in Israel
  • App Setup & User Management
  • Sermon Notes, Slides, Graphics, Banners, Downloads
  • Assessment and Real-Time Metrics (4-Chair Report)
  • HDTV Live Dashboards
  • Send Push Notifications to app users
  • 50% discount on all Like Jesus materials (with Digital Access)
  • Much, much, more... (Try it out for 30-days free)

Leader training for you and your ministry team.

The Leader Box includes all four books and videos in the Digital Access. Train your leadership in the life of Christ and align together to create a culture of disciple-making like Jesus did.

Coaching is available from a Sonlife/Like Jesus certified trainer.


Leader videos for each chapter of the Leader Manual.


Align your leadership team in the life of Christ.


Download sermon notes, HD slides, banners, graphics, and more.

We have even more resources for you and your leadership at

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All 4 books & 4 modules. Shipping included.
Purchase sample Leader Box (includes shipping) to explore all four modules! More Leader Boxes can be purchased for $40/ea for your whole leadership team inside of the Digtial Access management portal.
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Frequently Asked

We'll try to answer a few questions you may have about this new resource. Have more questions? Send us a note at [email protected].

1. How long do all the modules take to complete?

Each module is designed between 8-10 sessions or weeks. However, you can do them faster or slower. We recommend doing 1 module per semester. It's flexible, do one module or all of them. 1 year, over 3 years. Find your pace.

2. Is the app free? What is paid Digital Access?

The Like Jesus App is free to download and use. There are some basic free features in the app. With the Digital Access (paid by church or ministry), all the books, videos, messaging, stats, etc. are unlocked in the app. You can then manage the app and get all the digital resources.

3. What if I have further questions or need help?

We are here to help. Once you signup, one of our reps will contact you. There is a Facebook Group where leaders are invited to ask questions and interact. We have over 400 certified trainers/coaches that can help you implement, contact us for more details. We have a team to help guide you.

4. How do we order Leader Kits or books?

Once you create an account and have Digital Access, all the resources are discounted 50% and can be purchased in the Digital Access management portal. This includes Leader Boxes (for each leader, with all 3 books and Leader Manual) as well as individual books for your people. They can read the books in the app or you can buy the printed copies at half off.

5. What if we don't want the Digital Access?

This resource was built centered around the Digtial Access (e-books, videos, messaging, assessment, and dashboads.) It can still be used with only the print materials. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call 309-319-6408 and we can assist you.

6. Does this work outside the US?

Yes, however, it's only in English at the moment. Any country (with English speakers) can utilize this resource and the Digital Access platform. Different prices will be offered in different countries/currencies. The Like Jesus philosophy is being used in over 50 countries.

7. Does this work in our current church app?

Yes! Since this app was built in a new hybrid platform, the "web app" works exactly the same as the native app from any web browser. You can use your custom link (provided in the Digital Access) to add a new web based link or section inside your current church app in its entirety.

8. What's the best way to use this in our ministry?

We recommend that you preach it, discuss it in small groups, and have people study on their own in tandem. We provide those three layers for you. Sermon guides, discussion guides and the books themselves for personal study. This resource was designed to be integrated into any church or ministry.

HDTV Dashboard
Real-time HDTV Dahsboards will be available with Digital Access.